International Structuring & Corporate

When an idea transforms into a fully functioning and rapidly growing business you automatically fall into the legal and corporate field. You would usually confront such difficulties as: disputes between shareholders, relations between a seller and a consumer, how to avoid "tax overload", how to protect your business on a legal level by means of right documentation, how to ensure legal employment of your workers etc. You can hand all of this to us, we will fix all the issues and teach you how to do it with no extra hassle.
  • Fiscal and Legal structuring of IT businesses;
  • Assistance in Taxation Policies and Procedures;
  • Creating practical Operational Documentation.

Marketing Compliance and GDPR

If you deal with marketing and sales materials such as: websites, software applications, landing pages, banners, social media advertisements etc., you should know that all of them are subject to regulation in the legal field. We know how a website should look from a legal stand point. We can help you to make a comprehensive Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. We can make your advertisement look legit in the eyes of Google and other decision makers of the digital market. Having this side covered you can rest assured that your business is now earning money in a legal way even when it comes to marketing.
  • Website and general Workflow Compliance;
  • Creating Supporting Documentation (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies etc.);
  • Creating “easy-to-use” internal Compliance Policies.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property are one of the biggest values in any company. Trademarks, design, program codes, unique algorithms, logos and other features are among intangible assets. Nowadays, such assets are very vulnerable as it is rather easy to copy or store the original work and use it for personal commercial benefit. That’s why it is necessary to treat your intellectual property with care and respect. We know exactly how to protect your intangible assets in a way that your business activities will stay intact.
  • IP related matters;
  • Registration of IP (trademark, patent etc.);
  • IP Agreements.


Our team has been working with international digital and online businesses for over 5 years.
Whether you need a legal advice on how to minimise your costs on taxation or how to make your legal and corporate structure more effective, Avitar Group is there to assist.
Whether you need to know if your marketing materials are within the applicable law and if you are not sure about whether you need Terms of Use or a Privacy Policy for your website or product, we are there to help you with that.
Whether you are experiencing problems with internal process effectiveness and you don’t know how to make programmers and marketing cooperate with each other, our experienced employees will help you to solve these problems.
We help
An Offline business to go Online
A Startup to become a Mature Company
A Local enterprise to become International